The Paradigm has already begun to shift, Not even Nintendo know fully where it will lead us.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Smite of the Lite

What does everyone think of the lite? Is it as small as you expected?, as comfortable?
The screens are pretty much the brightest on the market at the moment, but are they bright enough? I've had my lite for a long while now, and having lived with it i know that the difference seems relatively little when you move from old model to the lite, but the real shock is when you move back! It seems like you've gone back a decade, too big, too heavy, really dark and not nearly as pretty. The stylus also seems like an add-on with the old ds, not a fundamental component visible at the side, and suitably larger. The lite is more focused, both on it's purpose and on it's market, -it's more touch orientated, as the newly placed (and pronounced) logo is testament to. I have one gripe personally; the palm-cutting corners after intense mario kart matches. But that really is it - i guess i'm prepaired to have to develop 'lite segs'.

Actual, (but old) Genius.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

OMG!! Image rumour

Treat this strictly as rumour/a possible fake. I'm really not sure about this one, it's not the best of resolutions. My source states that this is an image from an industry mailed cd/ e-mail that contained the instructions of where to go and the invitation to the
'back-stage' showing of the wii at this years E3 show. It seems professional, and perhaps how i'd imagine it to look, - but look at the flap!! Is that a camera? a laser projector? -who knows, but i can certainly make out the SD card slot and what looks to be a read/write LED. The bottom area seems to have a button there too, maybe a configuration activator for whatever the circular device at the top is! -ANYWAY - THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, DO NOT PLACE HOPE ON THIS RUMOUR

Revealing the conference

From a source within the Nintendo E3 planning team, it has emerged that the pre-show E3 press conference did not go entirely to plan. Apparently the specifications were not to be revealed at the show, and were never considered to be. What was going to be revealed at the conference was the functionality of the fabled '3rd Secret'. It was all organised, speeches memorised and demo persons ready demonstrate on stage (these remained regardless for the other aspects), but the secret's functionality was not ready to be playable on the show floor. The change of plan was prompted by the mimicing revelations of the earlier Sony press conference. To put it simply i was told:

SONY PRESS CONFERENCE - (they'd copied)

CHANGE OF PLAN FOR NEXT DAYS CONFERENCE (to prevent more mimicing)


Despite this turn of events, my informant states that the price, dates, specs, etc.. were still to be held for marketing hype, to be slowly released between leipzig, 'September' and the highly likely SPACEWORLD (along with playable, finalised units and software at TGS)

From the ashes: SPACEWORLD

Miyamoto has hinted at it, Reggie has hinted at it. The timing would be perfect, and the coverage essential. -Fact. There are still too many unknowns surrounding the wii console, not just unknowns that may be left that way, such as specs, but unknowns that are essential for the customer and general market to be aware of.
This is why spaceworld will happen, i am almost certain of it. Leipzig makes no sense - i'm sure there'll be info anew then, but Leipzig provides nothing like the coverage or situation needed to break the dam of Wii information. TGS would be another ideal venue/option, but personally, and from what Shiggsy has said, i believe that TGS will simply be a media showcase for the software, showing anything that is 'newly revealed' on that front - for the 'Hands ON', heh - Miyamoto said sooner, I say sooner!, but not Leipzig

It begins